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Resident Manager News
New Menu Items
Two new Lookup menu items have been added in addition to Diets. The new Lookups are Supplements and Nourishments and provide full editing of these items.
Active Subscreen Keys.
You now have to click the Save button on the Resident screen to activate the subscreen keys. This is for new residents only.
Bulk Weight Addition Screen
We have added a new bulk weight addition screen in addition to the existing one. This new screen allows you to list all residents and edit each one. This is based on requests of users to see all residents when adding weights.
Facility Allergies
You now have allergies for each facility. Access this from the allergy screen under residents.
Tray Card Diet
The diet field has been expanded on 3 and 4 part tray cards. This was at the expense of the resident photo which is not being used.
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