The process to setup the Resident Manager Web product consists of the following:

You will need a computer connected to the internet. On the computer you will need a browser such as Internet Explorer. This comes with Microsoft Windows and is the package that you use to access the internet. You will also need to install Adobe Reader which is a free download from Adobe. This allows you to print our reports. All reports are generated in PDF format

Step 1
Connect to this site

Step 2
Once you are there find the link that says Create New Account , located right under the login box in the upper left part of the screen.

Step 3
Click the link, when the Create New Account screen opens fill in all text boxes and click the Create New User button located at the bottom. At that point exit the system and contact IMS at 303-689-9087. Do not complete the next screen as we will do that for you. When you contact us we will need your facility name, address, contact name and phone number.

Note 1
We suggest a login with no spaces and small letters.

Note 2
The password requires 5 characters.

Note 3
The email address has to be unique.

Note 4
For the security question we recommend something like a pet and its name can be the answer. Example: Q dog A fido

Data Conversion
If you want IMS to convert existing Resident Manager 2003 data you must email us the following file: ( C:\Program Files\Integrated Micro Solutions\ResMgr2003\Data\ResMgDat2003.dat ) We will attempt to convert your existing data however it is not always successful. Conversion charges may app;y.

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